Sage & Balsam Incense Sticks

Sage & Balsam Incense Sticks


Scent your space with our cleansing Sage & Balsam incense sticks. This woody-herbal aroma is the perfect blend to create a warm peaceful atmosphere. Use this incense for a cosy night at home, during meditation or to cleanse and reset the energy within your home.



  • 100% plant based
  • Natural ingredients
  • Made with essential oil
  • 10 sticks, 25cm length


  • This incense is made from natural bamboo wood and pure essential oils. We use natural essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance oils, making them non-toxic in your home and environmentally friendly for our planet.


    How to use

    Light end of the stick until a flame ignites then carefully blow out to create soft smoke. Place incense into a suitable holder that will catch the ash and allow the scent to fill your space.

    Place on a level, heat resistant surface.

    Keep away from flammable materials and delicate surfaces.

    Approximately 40 minutes burn time per stick.