Calm & Balance Gift Bundle

Calm & Balance Gift Bundle


Here is the perfect set for some serious relaxation. Our Calm & Balance bundle includes a Soy Wax Candle, Pulse Point Oil & Calming Smudge Stick. This Range is blended with Jasmine, Lavender & Orange and infused with Amethyst. 


  • 100% plant based
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Candle 250ml
  • Mood oil 10ml
  • Soy Wax candle ingredients: soy wax, essential oils, dried jasmine flower, amethyst crystal & natural cotton wick.


    Our Mood oil is made with pure essential oils and fractionated coconut oil. Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils are known for their natural therapeutic qualities.


    Use this smudge stick to cleanse your aura or to wash away the outside world when entering your home or personal space.